In these difficult times, we would like to thank our field teams for their sacrifice and hard work in ensuring that our shelves across the world are constantly stocked. We thank you for your dedication and we salute you!

Leadership Team

Note: As a first point of contact, please get in touch with your line manager or HR contact.

Weekly Update

  • Managed remote working in place in all markets.  Office based teams should follow local operating company guidelines on working locations / practices
  • Field staff to follow local operating company guidelines on working practices
  • International and domestic travel restrictions in place in all markets for head office staff
  • If you feel unwell, with flu like symptoms (cough, fever, headache):
    • Contact your line manager / HR team
    • Contact your local health service and follow local government guidelines

Government and Health
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Message from
Laurence, COO Advantage | Smollan

Like you, I have been increasingly concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and thinking about the possible impact on my family and friends, on Advantage Smollan’s people and clients, and on our communities around the world.  We find ourselves in a tough situation and one that is not clear cut. What I do know and something that is in our control is the resilience of our team as we work through this together to support one another, our clients and our organisation.

We have good contingency plans in place but every situation is different. Our first priority is your safety and wellbeing and to do what we can to limit and slow down the spread of the virus. Our second is to our clients and to Advantage Smollan, and to ensure that we can continue to operate.

I am pleased but not surprised by how well our people are dealing with this very difficult and unsettling situation, and how everyone is looking out for one another. It is amazing to see the extent to which our teams have remained calm, positive and determined to deliver and lead under such difficult and unusual circumstances. I thank you for that.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves.  Please stay safe and remain positive.