This site has been created to share updated information with our team on developments in managing the COVID-19 outbreak across our business globally.

“Lead with courage. This is a time where we as a business can make a massive difference to millions of people around the world needing the stores to stay open and stocked. It’s a time for us to serve.”

– Dave Smollan

what are the symptoms?

This Coronavirus known as COVID-19 causes an infection in your nose, sinus or upper throat. Transmission occurs when an infected person coughs and sneezes.

reduce your risk of coronavirus infection

Social distancing is an effective way to reduce and slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Where possible, we advise limiting time spent in public spaces.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 and meet the testing criteria, please immediately make contact with your regional health & government authorities and contact your line manager or report your case via the REMOTE CONNECT app.

social distancing, hygiene & prevention guidelines